Beijing GRACE team building day

Beijing GRACE team building day

It is a special day today. It is for we sales team building. As company regulation, we would required to hold some activities regularly, just to make us more cohesive. Today we team choose  famous POFENG mountain and go hiking.

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This mountain is 630M high. It is very beautiful. In POFENG mountain, you can find many trees including persimmon, date tree,Maple and other trees. In Autumn, the maple leaves turns to red color. So if you look down from the summit of mountain, you will see many red leaves. It is very beautiful.


In the journey, we were all very happy. We held several team building activities. We were divided to different groups and then we were required to fullfill the task in limited period. The group who can cooperate with each other very well will have more chances to win the competition.During these games, we became more united and can work more efficient. During hiking mountains, we also sang songs which eulogize our great country. Our songs circled around the mountains and we were all so excited.


After this team building, we all realize that single person is small, and the team is powerful. If we can cooperate with each other tightly, as a team, we can finish all tasks in future.

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