Multinational currency identification, CIS read image recognition amount, IMAGE, UV, IR, MG catch fake money.

  • High Quality Multi-Currency Fitness Sorting Machine GRACE GBS3500 High Quality Multi-Currency Fitness Sorting Machine GRACE GBS3500
    GRACE GBS-3500 banknote counter improves operational efficiency with superior speed, fitness analysis, and authentication. Multi-currency value count, detailed counterfeit analysis, and optical character recognition are all available features. 
  • Three Pockets Money Sorter machine 3+1 Pocket GRACE GT-31 Three Pockets Money Sorter machine 3+1 Pocket GRACE GT-31
    Equipped with 3x stackers and 1x reject stacker, the GT-31 accurately and quickly sorts mixed banknotes by fitness, new/old style, denomination, face, and orientation.   Suitable for multiple applications and environments, the GT-31 transforms your cash management operations with enhanced fitness sorting productivity and in-branch banknote recycling, even in locations where space is at a premium. A mid-sized desktop banknote sorter that delivers fast, efficient and continuous processing of medium volumes of banknotes.
  • Unique Features Designed to Significantly Optimise Cash Deposit Machine Grace GDM-100 Unique Features Designed to Significantly Optimise Cash Deposit Machine Grace GDM-100
    The GDM-100 comprises unique features designed to significantly optimise cash deposit processing.Focused particularly on retail, banks and gaming, the compact size of the GDM-100 offers a small footprintand flexible integration, whilst also being capable of transactions traditional ATMs are not. The GDM-100 smart cash deposit module equips advanced counterfeit detection and reliable security features to reduces risk.Its high banknotes processing speed improves working efficiency.Specially designed with a compact size for flexible integration, the GDM-100 can be used either as a stand-alone module or as part of an CDM/ATM/self-service solution.
  • High Volume Banknote Validator Cash Deposit Machine for Back Office Environment GDM-300 High Volume Banknote Validator Cash Deposit Machine for Back Office Environment GDM-300
    With noticeable characteristics of high speed note validation and real-time monitoring of cash levels and provisional credit, GDM-300 is a cash management system tailored for medium and large-sized cash intensive retail businesses handling large amounts of cash, enabling operators to make unsupervised deposits at the end of their shifts at the back office. Validated cash is immediately stored into the note safe, greatly reducing exposure to loss or theft as well as cash handling costs.

Grace bank equipment manufacturers have 20 years of experience and provide the best cash management service!

Our products is extensively used in bank, Currency exchange station, Supermarket,shopping malls, etc.

We have strict QC system and provide professinal software and hardware solutions for your business. We provide one stop service and are resposible for the machine all the time. We regularly update latest technologies and skills for our team.

  • Technical Team

    Our technical team has more than 18 years experience.

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    Qualitied products with CE certification and ECB test.

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    We provide professinal software and hardware solutions for your business.

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    We are at your service for 24 hours.


Best Bank Equipment Manufacturers

Beijing Grace Ratecolor Technology Co., Ltd.

Beijing Grace Ratecolor Technology Co., Ltd, located in Fangshan District, the capital of China, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R & D, manufacturing and service of fitness sorting machine, cash deposit machine and bill counter, with completely independent intellectual property rights.

In 2009, Beijing Grace began to research and develop the fitness sorting machine, benefit from the international advanced technology, combining with the environment and characteristics of Chinese banknote circulation, seeking innovation from classics and making breakthroughs in practice. Beijing Grace’s first non-contact optical thickness measurement technology has solved the problems of traditional physical thickness measurement methods to damage banknotes and jamming during banknotes sorting processes.

After more than fifteen years of unremitting efforts, Beijing Grace has won many invention patents and software copyrights. It has formed a series of sorter products from 1+1 pocket to Multi Pocket, from CNY to a variety of foreign currencies. The fitness sorting machines put on the market have been highly praised by customers all over the world. 

Our company has more than 100 employees, including more than 20 R & D people and more than 10 technical service people. 

Our customers are spread all around the world, Because of you kindly support so that We will Move better more and distance more in the developed future coming!

  • 2009+
  • 2000+
    Factory area
  • ISO 9001
  • OEM
    Customized service

Our products are exported to the world, welcome to order from.

  • Beijing GRACE team building day
    It is a special day today. It is for we sales team building. As company regulation, we would required to hold some activities regularly, just to make us more cohesive. Today we team choose  famous POFENG mountain and go hiking.
  • GRACE bill value counter EC1500-CIS introduction
    The advanced money counter EC1500 is a value money counting machine. It can not only count quantity but also show counting results. It can show you the precise counting result including the quantity and total value for each denomination. What’s more, serial number can also be read accurately.
  • Grace-Receiving Gap Adjustment
    Although our machines are inspected strictly before delivery, it sometimes also have problems.
  • Happy Travel to the Great Wall with Kenya Biggest Bank Equipment Agent
    In the summer of 2019,The largest bank equipment agent in Kenya stayed in our factory.They mainly focus on our one pocket bill counter,1+1 bill sorter,2+1 fitness sorting machine,3+1 fitness sorting machine and so on.We traveled to the Great Wall together,we took photos,videos,and singing on the car to Great Wall,every one was super happy,when we arrived at Great Wall,it was raining,even though,our passion was unstoppable,we climbed to the top of the Great Wall,it indicates Grace technology Will stand in the top of the world.This is obviously a meaningful,happy and successful travel,it make our partner and us get closer and closer,just like a family,it makes solid foundation for long-term good cooperation in the future.

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