• Reliable Detector GC01 Reliable Detector GC01
    The Grace GC01 can accept max 5 kinds of currencies and bills in any of the four directional orientations and instantly reports whether money is genuine or suspect, Large colorful LCD display will clearly indicate a pass or fail along with a confirmation of the bill’s denomination.
  • Recognise Currency Automatically Recognise Currency Automatically
    GRACE Money Detector GC-01 Recognise Currency Automatically Features    
  • Checked In 4 Directions Checked In 4 Directions
    GRACE Money Detector GC-01 Checked In 4 Directions Features    
  • Mixed Currency Detecting Mixed Currency Detecting
    GRACE Money Detector GC-01 Mixed Currency Detecting Features    
  • Detecting Counterfeit Note Detecting Counterfeit Note
    GRACE Money Detector GC-01 Detecting Counterfeit Note Features    
  • An practical gadget——Lightweight, compact automatic bill detector An practical gadget——Lightweight, compact automatic bill detector
    Are you tired of using visual money detector?It`s too anxious for user to detect the money by visual result upon UV or IR, especially when the imaging results are effected by some factors like light intensity, placement and our subjective judgment, but an automatic money detector can make a huge difference for this situation. Even one without any experiences about detecting the money is able to use the gadget to figure it out.
  • Hot-selling banknotes detector GC01 Hot-selling banknotes detector GC01
    Our hot-selling banknotes detector GC01 has opened up a new market-Middle Eastern market! We cooperate very tacitly with our customers, only spent one week to analyze the data from customers , install new currency template on detector GC01, now this detector GC01  can  perfectly work with local currencies.