The new president of Argentina has sent a strong signal to China

The new president of Argentina has sent a strong signal to China


The outside world hypes that Miley will have an impact on China Arab relations, but in fact, what Miley cares more about is how China will treat him.


After all, the weight of China in the current world landscape, especially the importance of Argentina's economic development, is clear to the economist Mile.


Argentina needs to make drastic reforms, but no matter how much, it cannot do without economic partners. Don't forget, China is the largest market for Argentine agricultural products.


The congratulatory message from the Chinese leader was deeply emotional and made him breathe a sigh of relief.


But Argentina's national conditions are indeed a bit special, with an inflation rate of over 140% and a continuously high debt. The Argentinians were eager for change, and in the end, they chose Mille, who did not follow the usual path.


Will Millie succeed?


I don't know, I hope Argentina has a beautiful future. After all, Argentina was once one of the world's top ten economies, and at one point Europeans praised someone by saying, 'You're as rich as an Argentine.'.


But over the past 100 years, Argentina has experienced several ups and downs, making people sigh.


Finally, when it comes to the relationship between China and Argentina, let's make three simple points.


Firstly, there will definitely be changes.


The only certainty in this world is uncertainty. Having a new president, and being a very extraordinary president without any changes, is definitely not realistic. There will definitely be a period of running in period.


So, we need to stay awake and embrace change. The world is so big and there are so many countries, and there will always be regime changes every few years. We need to rationally view the changes in these countries and strengthen our analysis, but there is no need to be surprised.


Secondly, there will definitely be cooperation.


As I mentioned earlier, Millie should have already released a strong signal. Moreover, sometimes we should not take the language of the election too seriously.


I saw foreign media and analyzed that Milley is taking measures to ease his previous radical views.


I don't know how expensive firewood and rice are without being in charge. I believe that Millay, who is about to become the head of the family, can better appreciate the value of partners like China.


Thirdly, we need to remain calm.


Take a calm view of the ever-changing world and the changes in political power in various countries. As I mentioned earlier, when it comes to China Arab relations, there is speculation from the outside world that Mile will have an impact on China Arab relations. In fact, what Mile cares more about is how China will treat him.


We need to be a country that does not dictate, respects the choices of other countries, works together, develops ourselves well, and is needed, respected, and wants to interact with the world.


If needed by others, they will know better about China.


In this world, after all, national interests come first. There are no eternal friends, no eternal enemies, there are eternal interests.


Of course, for Millie, let's continue to ride the donkey and read the album - let's wait and see.


In the coming years, Argentina will definitely be very exciting, even more exciting than Argentine football!

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