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Although our machines are inspected strictly before delivery, it sometimes also have problems. As our machines are high tech and precise instruments, it causes problems by long time transportation and wrong operation by customers. Among those problems, double error appears frequently.

Double error is because that receiving gap is too big. While counting, at least two pieces of paper money can go through the machine one time. At this moment, the machine will detect it and remind with double error. In order to solve it, we need to adjust the receiving gap. There is a button on the upper cover plate. The details procedure is as below:

1, Turn the button clockwise, it is to make the receiving gap become bigger

2, Turn the button anti-clockwise, it is to make the receiving gap become smaller.

3, Try to test with two pieces and one piece of paper money. If two pieces of paper money cannot go through the receiving gap, but one piece can go trough it, and when you pull out the money, the roller will move with it,  it means you adjust it successfully.

It is very easy to handle. If sometimes customers cannot do it, they will ask us for assistance. In this case, we would send them videos or make video call to teach them face to face.

We cannot promise you that the machine will never have problems, but what we can promise is that we will help you to solve them all the time.

Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.