Best Live Stream Feelings Supplier

Best Live Stream Feelings Supplier

Nowadays, broadcasting live is a tendency in foreign trade business. It can make business communication more direct and more efficient.  We Grace Technology also held several live broadcasting successfully. It brought us many customers and received good comments.

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On Oct 18, 2021,i sold our machines online and introduced our product money counter EC1500.

Money Counter EC1500 is a value counting machine. Compared to economic money counter,it is more functional and more qualified.

It has three working modes, which is CNT,SDC and MDC. These 3 modes are designed for different demands. CNT only shows quantity, no counterfeit detection; SDC means it can count single denomination. Under these two modes, the machine can count very fast。The third working mode is MDC. Under this mode, the machine can count different denomination together and show counting details like number and vale of each denomination. What’s more,it can also read serial number. Meanwhile, it can also count different currencies together and show total value of each currency.

I operate machine and answer the questions online. Many customers show their interest and express willingness for cooperation.

In future, we will continue to hold live stream for other products, such as money counter, bill sorter, money detector, bill binding machine, bundle note counting machine, cash deposit machine and other machines. We hope we can let more and more customers worldwide know our product.

Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.