Vip Customers Visit Manufacturer of Fitness Sorting Machine

It is destined to be an extraordinary day in Aug. 2019.

In the summer of Beijing, the sun is shining high, the outdoor sun is burning, and the harmonious negotiation atmosphere inside is in sharp contrast. The largest bank equipment agent in Kenya stayed in our factory. We showed our customers the latest technology of fitness sorting machine GBS3500 and banknote value counter EC1500, and had a further technology exchange and discussion on the cooperative agency between the two parties.

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In the product exhibition hall, we showed the sorting functions of the fitness sorting machine, including ATM sort, fitness sort, unfit sort, orientation sort, face sort, version sort and denomination sort, as well as the counterfeit banknote detection, via CIS image, IR and MG. We mainly helped customers solve two problems: the SUPER counterfeit detection and the too many rejecting of dirty wet banknotes. The engineers conducted on-site debugging and teaching. The customers were deeply shocked by the high performance of the machine, The customer said that our machine will replace other brands in the near future.
After visiting the production workshop, the customer excitedly took my hand and said: we are very satisfied with your production technology and quality control, and hope to cooperate with you for a long time to jointly develop the African market.
After 4 days of visiting and negotiation, the customer finally reached a consensus with our company, signed an agency agreement, and placed an order on the spot. Both sides ended the business visit in a harmonious and friendly atmosphere.

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